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Call us at +1 (604) 655 4200 or in the USA at +1(206)260 0266

Civionic Engineering and Consulting (2014) Inc. has been founded to provide construction firms, engineering companies, owners and operators a third party, independent service which will focus on sensor based solutions for civil engineering projects.

The Team:

Our Team consists of highly experienced and dedicated individuals who always go the extra mile. 100% is not enough for us and our clients.





Marcus Schmieder, PEng, M.IE&M.
+15 years experience in Canada and Germany

Memberships and Licenses:

CSCE – Canadian Society for Civil Engineering
CAEE – Canadia Association for Earthquake Engineering



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Call us at +1 (604) 655 4200

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Our Products and Projects:

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Recent Updates

Recent Updates from the Industry

Blast Monitoring – Vibration Monitoring


Your Blast Monitoring Services When it comes to explosive activities, such as construction, mining, and quarrying, blast monitoring is essential for safety and compliance. Not only does it help minimize.. read more

Hybrid Early Earthquake Sensors


Civionic Engineering & Consulting (2014) Inc. has been contracted to develop a hybrid earthquake early warning sensor for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The sensor will be incorporating p-wave.. read more

Goethals Bridge slated to open May 19, 2018


The long waited opening for the Goethals Bridge, connecting New Jersey to New York is slated for May 19, 2018. All sensors are commissioned and are streaming data as scheduled… read more